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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Mix partially inspired by Inception and dreams, and partly by the prolonged healing stasis of pregnancy. Dedicated to all the pregnant women of my acquaintance, and their sleeping children. Congratulations!

At first we have a heartbeat slowly rising from the silence that then melts into wave tones, over which floats the horn, alien yet peaceful. Then mist rises, the drumfills and whispering like waves stroking the shoreline. Out the mist come the voices on the swell of the bubbly ostinatos that carry us over into the atmosphere of an African evening, waves of evening light fading into the campfire gloaming and then into the chirping night. We hear the magnificence of the moonrise and are bathed in its quiet fluorescence as it ascends to fill a sky streaked with majestically unfurling clouds. Beyond the atmosphere, in the cold vastness of its reign, there is no sound but the play of astral light’s slow unfolding across eternity. This light falls through the window of a snug city bedroom somewhere, its a.m. intimacy and warmth punctured by rain sighing and splintering in abstract little mosaics against the window panes. The room’s owner is drifting off to sleep on her back, sprawled across the waves of her bedcovers, rocked into dream by the fading rhythms of her night’s dancing, flush with the glow of ecstasy and endorphines as they buoy her into weightlessness. She hears choirs like walls of clouds lit from within, luminescent echoes of the rain. Out of the clouds, with the first light of the unseen sunrise, come the tropics and an updraft of moist warmth paired with nostalgia for the dream beginning to fade and deliquesce, losing its structure before slowly building up again as one long steadily undulating tide that finally crests into a haze of radiowaves. A woman’s voice ripples across the echoes like light across moving water, swift and clear and cool as the pull of her melancholy desire, swirling into a sinkhole until its own momentum whirls it apart and leaves us spinning beneath the surface of the sea, watching rays of light sparkle and defract off the waves far overhead, pocked with rain and foam. We sink back into the dark, steady rhythm of the heart, towards waking, towards remembering we were asleep, towards forgetting the dreaming that is our past.

The music is the not the waves, the waves are sound.

Music is the art which is most nigh to tears and memory.  ~Oscar Wilde


Karl Lindt – Jag. mit Kaffe

Food – Becalmed

Loscil – Dub for Cascadia

Nomo – Nocturne

Markey Funk – Dreams Of Africa

Mono – Silent Flight, Sleeping Dawn

St. Kilda – You Are In Every Dream

Solo Andata – Her Face Soft As Sleep

Swarms – Hypnotize

The Foiled Torsos – Innocent

Pacific Heights ft. Joe Dukie – Peace

Lindstrom & Prins Thomas ´Nordic Flavour´ remix of Zueri

Eleven Tigers – Songs For You

Late – Phantom Papers